ut or uti adv how, in what way;
conj (comparative) as; (adversative)
although; (temporal) when, while;
(purpose) in order that; (result)
that; (concessive) granted that; (in-
troducing examples) as, as for ex-
ample; (after verbs of fearing) lest,
that not; (introducing an explana-
tion or reason) as, as being, inas-
much as; (introducing indirect com-
mands) that

Thus is defined the Latin word ut by The New College Latin & English Dictionary (John C. Traupman, Ph.D.; © 1966 by Bantam Books), but.............................................................................hell, that really has nothing whatsofriggingever to do with the topic at hand, now do it? When I say ut, I don't mean "lest," I mean "The University of Texas."

aw isn't it cute?

I am then, for all intents and purposes, enrolled at the U.T. campus at Austin. Supposedly, my major involves something Liberal-Artsish (as well as Honors-y), but I have my doubts.

At Freshman Orientation, I was confounded enough to consider U.T. the first of all schools I've attended that actually made me proud to attend. And this was probably Kulturschock on account of I've never been to college before, much less a college that so touts its tolerance for queerios et cætera-- I mean, for God's sake, I was invited to an " alternative lifestyles" picnic before I'd even registered! Woo-hoo!

This page fainéant is my first step towards describing my life as it is now. The section referred to as "ne gravas" is a (poor at best) record of my years prior to graduating from C.E. Ellison High School. Yes, friends, I have finally given into the whims of me elders and recognized this as a real and frangible (well maybe just real) milestone in my thus-far-short life. So there you have it. From this day forth, you can expect a lot fewer updates to ne gravas... as if I updated it at all to begin with... pfeh... (Well, actually, that's the whole point of les pages fainéants, i'n't it?-- to have a set of ILL-MAINTAINED webcrap!) Oh, sure, I'll wedge in a few "new" morsels here and there @ ne gravas,but all of these will be just as much relics of my earlier years as that site itself is. Example-- maybe some pictures of me when I was 15, or a poem I wrote in my "early immature" period (right now I'm in my "middle immature" period and guess what comes next?), and maybe a link or two I was meaning to put up since before I was 17... but nothing truly NÜ.

Therefore, this section shall be an (abysmal at worst, and worst at best) ode to my newfound "adult"hood (why isn't the word for the state of being an adult "adultery?" 'tmakes plenny of ¢¢¢ to me!) as pertains to a certain college campus that shall here remain nameless (but shall elsewhere be referred to as U.T. Austin). So relax on your Garbage Barge™ 'n' float down the urinary tract that is my recueil d'ut.