RES NATUS EST; also called A Wonder & A Prodigy Unlike Any I Have Known; also called Mein Wunderkind -- Olé!

You would scrape a tunnel to my gut, O Wonderbaby
You would snuffle at my kidney with your trunk
You would slice my eyes like colored glass, you Wonderbaby,
You Wonder, you would nest and fuse your flesh with mine own heart

Wherefore art thou at all, you Wonderbaby?
I swear that I once peered down my wife's throat and I saw darkness
Am I at fault, like Onan, Wonderbaby at my foot?
Am I the bitter root; and aren't you such a gob of incest?
Wonderbaby, silver string intact, Christ plays it cello-wise,
Are you a joke to god, or are you God's pornography?
You Wonderbaby, you are one I wonder what to do. . .
I wonder what you'll be in ages coming/yet-to-come

Should I decant you out, I Wonder, Baby. . .
Should I grind you in the soil, you floppy thing?
Or should I sell you outright, Wonderbaby; Wonder why. . .
You splash me with formaldehyde, your sutures stamp my skin.

I'd cradle you, I'd stare at you, a baby prodigy,
My Wonderbaby, everybody's Wonderbaby then. . .
I would have loved you ever, promise you no matter what,
But now you have stopped growing and slump down, a filthy doll

You would fuse your flesh with my heart, Wonderbaby
If I didn't ... turn just so; and ... look away.
You Wonder-- serpent in a glass, and baby on a string. . .
I pocket thirty silvers and-- to bed.

Yeah, that one was sorta silly in its gravity. It was obviously written as a direct result of my seeing the Mütter collection's rhinencephalic cyclops fetus (q.v.). And the next stillborn scrap should be yet more obvious in its origins.

thalidomide child

Something formed and never felt the sting of the world.
 Something was dropped from heaven by a God whose eyes see not.
  Something settled in the silt of flesh and dropped anew.
   Something solidified in her womb & was saved the pain of life.
    Something would have burnt in anguish but fell out all limp.

   Something was exquisite; something was a claw of god.
  Something was a Glory which would Smite Mine Sight.
 Something felt its heart beat once, and once was well enough,
Something was too beautiful; the Universe could not accept it.