Hi. The mounted fetus with massive gluteal tumor was probably my favorite exhibit at the Thomas Dent Mütter Museum of Medicine. You see, this baby had developed with a (coconut-sized, to be sure) spherical growth on its rear end. It was so large that, were it not connected to the child, one would fancy the baby lightly seated on a balloon of some sort. But it wasn't this growth that attracted my attention-- I didn't even notice the (admittedly conspicuous) tumor until second glance; it was the method of preservation and the facial expression that got me. Instead of dunking it in formaldehyde or what-have-you like the other unfortunate fetuses, it had been taxidermically mounted and stuffed like a wild animal. The skin was gore-red rather than the pallid yellow of the submerged jar children, and the artificial eyes gave it an intense gaze unnatural for a baby (whether dead or alive). As I said, the bulb on its buttocks was not at first apparent (the child was standing upright so that its legs somewhat concealed this deformity), but once I did notice it, it made the specimen look like a human-ant hybrid.
I have no clue as to whether this is an actual photo of what I have come to affectionately (?) call "buttbaby." I located this image somewhere or other on the internet, completely unlabeled and out of context. But as soon as I saw it, I was instantly put in mind of The Mütter's stuffed fetus. So pretend. Here's some hush money.

Update! my friends. In the event that an image that may or may not be the actual baby in question is unacceptable, I advise you to click here for real.


You see, I am now in possession of an illustration that is undeniably that of "my" buttbaby. While on vacation in Missouri, I came across an old encyclopedia of medical anomalies. Imagine my surprise upon turning to page 281 and seeing this image, clearly labeled "Sacral tumor (Mütter Mus., Col. of Phys.)." This book was originally printed in 1896, which serves to remind us that, though all these ruined infants may look young, each and every one of them is older than you, your mother, and probably your grandfather as well. Perhaps older than all those people put together. Really puts everything in perspective, don't it?

And one further Update! Below is another miscellaneous photograph, this time in full color, which also appears to be our dried, dead friend. Again, I can't recall which awful corner of the Web it was lurking in, but please say hello.