The Harvest Moon SNES Character Selector
Specially made for the game that started it all. Ever wonder if you're just as perky as Nina, as cool as Eve, or even just Jack, the ordinary hero of our game? If so, then this is the test for you! Answer the questions below (scroll down) to the best of your ability and see who you come out to be! You might just be surprised...

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Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is copyright (c) Nintendo and Natsume. I do not own the characters, nor claim to. This quiz for fans, by a fan, is for non-profit entertainment only. If you can help me write more legal information regarding this quiz, please contact me at the address given above.

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Out of all of these, what would you like to eat most?
Power berries.
Fruits, especially grapes.
Rare and exotic foods.
Anything, so long as it's not a mushroom.
Anything, but I'd really rather COOK.
I don't eat.

Out of all of these, where would you like to work most?
In a tool shop.
At home.
In a bar.
At the local church.
In a flower shop.
On a farm.
Anywhere is fine with me.
No work for me, just beer!

Move around a LOT. You're constantly in a blur of activity.
Visit lots of places! Well, if they've got plants, anyway.
Wander aimlessly, stopping here and there to occasionally rest or yawn.
Tend to stumble around a lot.
Are rarely seen during the day because you work all night.
Don't leave work much, but at least get out on weekends.
Never leave work except during a hurricane.
Stick close to home.

How often do you go to church?
Every day.
On Sundays, to pray for my family's health.
On Sundays, but I usually fall asleep during the sermon.
Only when I feel like it.
Only visit when someone drags me away from my beer.
I don't. I'd rather spend my Sundays relaxing at the spa.
I don't. I spend my Sunday out enjoying nature.
I don't... They won't allow me in the church!

You spend your free time...
Doing this and that...
Walking around town looking for fun.
Working on your latest creation.
Praying or reading the Good Book.
Getting over hangovers.
Free time? What free time? There's too much to be done!

What's your policy on work?
I work really hard to be the absolute best I can be!
I work hard so I can be a success when I take over.
To do my best to help EVERYONE.
To do my best while staying out of the way.
To do my best... and look good doing it!
I don't like it, but I help out when I can.
To do what I can in between naps.
To NOT do work. Ever.

What do you like to talk about?
I don't talk to anyone. Ever.
I don't talk a lot, but I'm very curious to know what everyone else has to say.
Nothing much, but I love to flirt!
The joys of a good beer and ditching work.
My inventions and ambitions.
Animal rights.
God, church, and the weather sometimes.
Flowers and gardening.

What's your dream?
To do everything just right so I can please everyone.
To make a very useful and helpful invention.
To be a loving spouse and parent.
To get married so someone can take care of me and my family.
To be faithful to the church.
To do garden forever.
To drink until my liver falls out.
To just be myself.

How do you feel about rain?
I love it, 'cause it's good for plants!
It's wonderful so long as animals aren't left outside in it.
It's nice, but I stay out of it when I can.
I don't like it when it drizzles, but I love it when it POURS!
It's all right with me so long as it doesn't get in my beer.
I don't really care.
I don't like it.
I hate it! There's nothing to do and it always makes a mess of things!

What do you hate the most?
All this stress from trying to be SO perfect! GAH!
When my plans blow up in my face.
People who mistreat animals.
Fish. YUCK!
People who don't attend church.
When someone picks a flower. That's murder, man!
Being left out in the cold.

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