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Japanese toilets aren't that fucking hard

Really, they aren't. I know gaijin who see a squat-style toilet and recoil in terror, people who take their shoes and pants off just to use them, even some people who've fallen in the damn thing. But I'm here to tell you, it's not THAT damn bad.

Pull your pants down to your knees (or your skirt up around your waist if you're a transvestite), and squat.  Badaboom. Just make sure you have paper handy, because having to stand up and fish through your bag for a packet of kleenex is no fun.  If you don't pull 'em down any lower than your knees, your pants are well out of harm's way and you can pee to your heart's content, or hit that water-noise button and poop to your heart's content. See? You can do it!

Just try not to step in the damn thing before you flush/on the way out. Trust me.