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Fun games to play in Japan!

*The "Irasshaimase!" Game: The object is simple. Manage to get all the way to the back of a store before the employee standing at the entrance can say "irasshaimase!" to you.  Alternately, see who can get the closest to the shop entrance before someone says it to you. These clerks can snipe you from up to 100 paces away sometimes, so be ready!

*Counting Games! There's lots of these:

Gaijin vs. Kimono: This was my friend's pastime. Count the number of gaijin and the number of people in kimono on a given day, and see who wins! The fate of Japan is at stake!

SMAP: Count how many ads with a member of SMAP in them you see. That should kill a whole day right there.

Count the number of people reading porn on the train you're standing on. This game is also handy to let you know who you don't want to be standing next to.

Needle in the Chapatsu-stack: Count people you see with BLACK hair. This one's a toughie!

Brand Tallying: count all the Louis Vuitton bags you see, or insert another overly-prevalent designer item instead.  Sometimes you get a whole trainful!

*Avoid-the-Leaflet-Person: Try to keep away from those people at the train station handing out random fliers for crap. This one can be tough, as the people with useless shit are always more determined to give it to you than the people with the awesome tissues.

Now you'll NEVER be bored in Japan again!!