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Welcome to Ore-sama Crazy Bitch, the page that makes up for its lack of content with its lack of updates (eh?). My name is Alyson, and this is my site, an amalgamation of older pages I've had previously. Most of it focuses on my interest in and 10-month stay in Japan. Therefore, any denial on my part of being a geeky jackass is pretty much useless, so I won't even bother. Here's a sectional breakdown, if the self-explanatory names are a little too hard for you:

Articles: The main content of this page. Mostly observations, bitchings, and semi-educational bits about Japan. (updated: 04/04/04)
Profile: A bit about me. No clue why the hell you'd give a fuck, but my ego demands I tell you more about how fabulous I am.(updated: 04/04/04)
Purikura Gallery: I suck at bothering to take pictures, but getting your friends in a purikura photo-sticker booth is one of the most fun things to do in Japan. This is most of my collection.(updated: 04/04/04)
Livejournal: It's my damn livejournal. Not gonna bother with an "updated" tag here because I use the evil, evil thing way too much for my own good.
Bird Cage: The V6 site I'm currently working on and hope to have up soon. V6 is my current favorite retarded Japanese boyband, y'see.(coming soon)
Love or Like: Johnny's image gallery site I run. (updated: 02/16/04)

At any rate, enjoy whatever entertainment value you can glean out of this page. You can feel free to email me, but I'll warn you: I suck at prompt replies. Commenting in my LJ is probably the fastest way to get a response from me, lame as that is.

Oh, and while I'm trying to fill up front page space here, let me take the time to thank Jean and for hosting my squatter ass.